Guide and introduction to PTC sites

Hi all, briefly explains how these sites work and how you can easily earn small or large sums of money to pay your bills and your purchases on the web.
The definition of a PTC (paid to click), because these sites allow you to earn by clicking on the sponsors and vision until the expiration of a preset time (counter), obviously the gains will vary from site to site, there are sites that pay $ 1 or 2 cents per click and others who pay much less. but see how they work together in a practical way:

Click a banner below and you'll be taken directly to the home site you've chosen (as an example we will use Neobux), now click on "register" and enter your nickname, password, email and the email account on which you wish receive or send your payments. All of these sites use the following electronic coins paypal or alertpay, there are also other currencies around the network (NETeller and others), but these are the most used. You can make an immediate PayPal account or alertpay to begin to receive and send money, registration is free to those sites, their method is based on income tax payments were sent or received (eg on $ 1 sent to them will take $ 0.05 cents of taxes) now return register on the site of gain that you had chosen (again as an example Neobux) and complete the registration form on which you receive the email and to send their payments.
Now you will arrive in your mailbox a message to complete the activation, click the activation link and access to Neobux with our username and our password.
Once logged in you'll Member home where you can view your earnings and your referrals (about referrals will give a detailed explanation below) click above to awake on the "advertisement" and you will find a page where there will be link to click, now click a link and wait for the bar counter (countdown bar) are complete and you'll see a message which will tell you that "your credit has been credited to your balance", now do the same for all the remaining links (eg on Neobux are 4 links from $ 1 cent) went to see members in your home and you will see that you have gained much $ 4 cents visiting the links and now you can register and click on other banners (bux site ) On my page.
In addition, these sites offer the fastest ways to get to your goal and that is the payout, how to buy or rent a membership of the referrals, but I suggest you start investing before we see whether this site actually pays and is active.
The best things to do to verify this I visit the forum site and see the most recent payments and the various debates on issues in the payments if there are, unfortunately, is why today there are millions of bux site, which become "scam" that is, scam sites would be those sites that do not pay and after a long or a short period of time disappear from the network.
Returning to the discourse of "referrals ".... referrals are nothing more than people who sign up under you (via your referrals link) who click on a site and also you gain in doing, in fact this is one of the faster ways to earn money and get to the payout, is why more and earn more referrals you will arrive at your goal (payouts). Of course there never sign up under you as your referrals because it's against the rules of the PTC and you will be immediately banned from the site in question, then you should not do "Smart."
Now before I leave I give you a few tips on how to earn money honestly and quickly from these sites.

1 - Before you sign up for a bux site, read the Rules (TOS) in order not to fall into unfortunate errors and to comply with the rules imposed by the admin of the site.
2 - Register at multiple sites, making sure first that they are paying and active, click every day all the ads and try to register under you advertise your relatives or friends "ref link" as I did on this page so from having to set up a real network of referrals.
3 - Before investing in any website make sure it has the ability to pay you and calculated to gain or at least we can be able to resume your money, then think twice before doing something that you should repent, for the beginning I recommend to earn a standard and maybe invest that money by buying an upgrade (the upgrade would be a way to gain faster, but at a price to be paid on creditors, where gain is more than that from your click of your referrals)Furthermore, as I said before you can rent for referrals (which have a fixed cost minimum) but still with certain investment rules and not exceeding your ability to pay.

Having said that after having introduced the world of bux site I only wish you good earnings, and invite you to visit my page always been updated on the best sites to gain!


Register by clicking on the Banner:

Earn $ 0.02/$ 0.02 per click. Payout $ 2,00 accepted AP/PP/NT

Earn $ 0.01/$ 0.01 per click. Payout $ 1,00 accepted AP/PP

Earn $ 0.01/$ 0.005 per click. Payout $ 2,00 accepted AP/PP

Earn $ 0.01/$ 0.01 per click. Payout $ 10,00 accepted AP/PP

Earn $ 0.005/$ 0.002 per click. Payout $ 2,00 accepted AP/PP

Earn $ 0.01/$ 0.01 per click. Payout $ 1,00 accepted AP/PP

Earn $ 0.002/$ 0.005 per click. Payout $ 0,05 accepted AP/PP

Earn $ 0.01/$ 0.01 per click. Payout $ 10,00 accepted AP/PP

Il portale che condivide i tuoi ingressi

Earn $ 0.01/$ 0.005 per click. Payout $ 1,00 accepted AP/PP

Earn $ 0.01/$ 0.01 per click. Payout $ 2,00 accepted AP/PP

Earn $ 0.01/$ 0.01 per click. Payout $ 2,00 accepted AP/PP

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